Kiss Me Deadly: Oregon Meth Smooch Lands Dame in the Slam
An Oregon woman gets to spend two years behind bars on a drug conspiracy charge for her role in the death of her boyfriend, a locked-up-for-life-convicted-murderer.
She deep kissed him during a prison visit, passing seven tiny baggies of methamphetamine from her mouth to his...
Apparently I’m the Worlds Worst Date!
I noticed this incredibly beautiful woman on Facebook the other day and started chatting with her on messenger. We plan on meeting up at a concert this weekend. So far so good right?
I thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other  better before Saturday...
Therapist Dates Patient Gets Matching Tattoos Loses License
The Washington Department of Health has accepted the surrendered credential of a Benton County mental health counselor under an agreement with the Mental Health Counselor Program, the department which regulates health care providers.
Brenda Lea Vanderpool's license was initially suspended in 201…
New Nail Polish Can Prevent Date Rape
Too bad this wasn't available early in Bill Cosby's run.
A woman called the cops when her drink changed color after she dipped her fingernail in it. The nail polish was treated with a solution that changed the color of her drink when it came into contact with a roofie or other date rape dru…
Believe It: Spas Are Now Offering ‘Genital Freezing’
Looking good naked leads to romance in the pants. It's that simple.
I've been crowing about this on-air since the start of 2017.
But liquid nitrogen mist to your junk?
Uh, what?
I want to know how someone came up with this idea. And how did they find people BRAVE enough to test it on...
Dump That Chump! Red Tuesday Begins ‘Drop-Your-Jerk’ Week
Ah Love.
We're one week away from the one day a year where we're supposed to celebrate our love. Today? Not so much. In fact, you have a week to broom that baggage.
The website illicitencounters calls today Red Tuesday. Today begins a glorious week-long cleanse where people all over decide, "I'm …
Vote for the Cutest Couple! (Week 8)
Congratulations to last week's winner: Melody Newman! This week is Dailey vs. Petross. Whoever has the most votes by next Friday morning wins a pair of tickets to an upcoming Americans hockey game and a $100 gift certificate to Wine Country Furniture...
10 Tips to Have a BAD First Date
Some people want to know how to avoid having a bad first date, but sometimes you are hoping to complete a date in such a manner so that whoever set it up is not mad at you, but the other person will never ask to do it again.

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