Freak Yourself Out with This Friday the 13th Binge Fest!
In case you haven't seen a million Friday the 13th posts on your Facebook timeline, let me remind you: it's Friday the 13th! And while watching Jason slash drunk teenagers is always fun, those films are not on Netflix right now. Awww! However, there are plenty of other horror films and sho…
Ready Player One, the Best New Movie for Easter Weekend Fun
Reviews are in and people are blown away!
"Ready Play One" premiered last night and might quietly become the number one selling movie this weekend.
With all the press around all the big box office sequels coming out soon (Infinity War, Solo), you might note even heard about Steven Sp…
Lost In Space Re-boot Coming to NETFLIX!
I'm not usually a fan of remakes, updates or re-boots, but since the original Lost In Space was so 1960's hokey and this trailer looks very awesome, I'M IN! This is not your daddy's robot!
Anyone remember the old robot?
You Can See Avengers: Infinity War Sooner Than You Thought!
NERD ALERT!! Rejoice Marvel fans, this year is ours! Black Panther was released and we LOVED it. And after we left the theater, we celebrated the fact that another Marvel movie was on the way in May. Well, hold on to your hats, Infinity War is coming sooner than the May 4th scheduled release date...

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