Alexa Says NO to Sexist Comments Now
Have you ever asked Alexa something inappropriate just to hear her response? Well I sure have...because it's fun!  C'mon, so have you, don't fib to me...LOL I don't even remember what I may have asked. Alexa was new and cool and we experimented with her comments, that's…
Linkin Park to Be Mercedes’ New Engine?
Electric cars are a booming industry, but the cars themselves aren't boomy. They're notoriously quiet, and that can actually be hazardous to oncoming pedestrians.
Mercedes has been in talks with Linkin Park to engineer sounds simulating an "electric motor...
It’s Official! Uber is in Pasco
On December 4th the Pasco city council took a vote. The majority voted in favor of allowing Uber in Pasco (5-2) clearly the positives outweigh the negatives.
The hang up was safety requirements and background checks. Feel free to UBER away pasco...

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