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Alternate Version of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’
Led Zeppelin has been reluctant to release recordings that never made it onto an album. Now that the band is reissuing its entire catalog with bonus tracks, gems like this one are available.
In the decades since Led Zeppelin called it quits, they’ve rarely opened up their vaults …
Man Changes His Name to Led Zeppelin II
While at the courthouse taking care of the paperwork to divorce his third wife, Missourian George F. Blackburn decided to do something he’d been thinking about for a long time.
He changed his name to Led Zeppelin II, in honor of his favorite rock album.
Robert Plant’s Career
Here are some highlights from the musician's diverse tenure in the rock limelight, from his riotous Led Zeppelin years, to his more recent (and more mellowed) collaborations with artists like Alison Krauss and Sharon Corr.