Hey Tri-Cities Is This Animal Cruelty?
I was driving home from my Mother's day brunch yesterday south bound HWY 395 when I spotted a poor dog chained up in the back of a pick up on top of some sort of box clearly higher up than the side of the truck...
Do You Call Your Woman Pet Names? [POLL]
Talking to women and getting on their level --- no matter where that is -- can be a very tough thing. You might actually think alike, but half the time, those thoughts aren't at the same time. HA! Women are weird.
My Wife Turned 30 — Does That Make Her Old?
My wife turned 30 last weekend. She wasn't happy about it, but not nearly as upset about it as I thought she'd be considering the grief she gave me when I turned 30! What's the big deal with turning 30 anyway?
Women Love a Man In Uniform – Which Do You Prefer?
Women LOVE a man in uniform . . . but which uniform turns them on the MOST?  In a new survey, women ranked doctors number one, followed by delivery men, firefighters, military servicemen, and pilots. I personally love men in a fireman uniform. Which uniform do you think is the Hottest? Click to…

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