In honor of the release of PS4 and Xbox One, let's talk about cool video games. Who hasn't fantasized about designing their own video game? Here are some really good ideas and my reactions as to whether they're original enough, or compelling enough:

Zamboni driver. You start out at the local rink and have to work your way up the NHL. You can customize your zamboni along the way.

Anything Zamboni makes me laugh, but I don't see this as a best seller. Maybe if it were a free game app.

A decent fucking dinosaur game. Open world, survival type game. So much awesome potential.

This would be easy to screw up, but I see a lot of potential. Remember that "Jurassic Park" game? But that was dinosaurs vs. humans and I think this idea is unique.

I would really like a modern SimAnt, or a similar one where you get to control a bee, wasp, or hornet hive.

I thought there already was an ant game. But if you're science minded, this could be a really cool game.

A sandbox samurai game.

I have trouble believing this HASN'T been done, but who doesn't like samurais?

I'm pretty sick of getting destroyed in multiplayer games online. So I would love a game which has masses of people all working together against hordes of A.I. enemies.

I think this would be awesome. But who remembers Gears of War 2? There was something like "survival" mode but I forget the actual name. It was like a locust horde that came at you in waves and to win you had to survive like 30 waves. My buddy and I were pretty good, but we could only get up to 20.


Like vikings? Because Assassin's Creed: Black Flag lets you be a pirate. Isn't that the same thing?

I've always thought a game that let you go back in time with modern weapons and fight ancient armies would be cool.

That could be cool.

I want to make an MMO based around building a medieval society. You have three classes: Noble, Artisan, Soldier. Each class would feel like its own game. Noble are the leaders of the society, and gameplay is a bit of a political contest. Highest ranked noble is the ruler of that town. Artisans are merchants, architects, farmers, etc. Many different professions. They literally build the town and manage the economy. Soldiers would have their own profession lines, such as spearman, swordsman, pikeman, archer, cavalry, etc.

When you join the game, you are randomly assigned to a village, or you can join friends through Steam or something. Your job is to work together with these strangers to build the most powerful state. You start from a small camp and can travel around the open world until you find somewhere suitable, where your leader (noble) founds the town. Artisans build structures, soldiers protect from enemies and hunt for food and furs (to make early armor). Each class has their own specialty in 'conquering' the known world and other player's societies. Nobles can marry into other towns, allying the two, artisans can make trade alliances, and soldiers, of course, can straight out conquer other towns. Lesser towns can swear fealty to stronger lords (the town leaders), getting upgrade discounts and military reinforcements in exchange for taxes.

Wow. I love big MMO games where everyone plays together and fights together in a medieval society. But you don't create the society. That could be cool.

I want a Star Wars game where you play as Han Solo before he met Luke.

I think this is a cool idea, but a big mistake. I think Star Wars is much better when you play a character no one knows in the Star Wars universe, like "Knights of the Old Republic." Those are the coolest because you already know who the main characters are. So I think it'd be cool to play a pre-Luke smuggler in the same galaxy, but not Han Solo.

Proper multi-user co-op / co-op PvP ship battles - be it Navy or Space Vessels. Maybe do a post-apocalyptic Waterworld-type scenario where refurbished WWII-era ships sail around the world and plunder resources, fight other ships. Each player is responsible for an independent turret, torpedo, or Anti-air battery (or you can switch around) while also manning a station like Captain (steering and Navigation), Engineering (Ship Speed, repairs), Weapon Systems/Radar, etc.

It'd be tricky because you'd almost have to have a requisite # of people online to operate the ship correctly, but add in some basic AI placeholders and you're golden.

Kind of complicated, and I think most people like to be in total control, not just a gunner on the ship.

A horror story in which a player experiences a game corruption. The game world becomes distorted, physics go awry, game entities mutate into monsters. The player is attacked by former teammates turned into ravenous zombies with their faces collapsed into a bunch of polygons. The player attempts to escape the game world as it physically collapses around him.

So our least pleasant dreams are now entertainment? Horror is supposed to make your heart race, but dreams like this are just really uncomfortable. "A" for effort, but I wouldn't money down for this one.

A game that takes a known fantasy-medieval universe (such as The Elder Scrolls) and throws it far into the future, resulting in a game world that is set in the modern times or in a near-future setting.

This is stupid. If it's in the future, it's not medieval anymore. Do you just with you could wear a cape more often?

A sandbox game set in victorian London (recreated as accurately as possible based on maps and photographs from the time), with real and fictional characters form the time eg. Queen Victoria, Jack the Ripper, Doctor Jekyll, Sweeney Todd.

Sounds like "Grand Theft Auto: Charles Dickens."

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