It took me several years but I finally got in my first car accident.*

*While driving in the snow.

I finally got the big one out of the way in terms of winter driving. I got into a car accident. Don't get me wrong, it sucks. I'm almost paid off on my car and I would have preferred to keep it in good condition but life, especially the elements, have plans that you can't do anything about. Yes, I filed my claim and everything will work out but I was a little shaken by the mere fact I made a big bump in my car. I am glad nobody else was around because it could have been an even bigger headache and I'm happy not to wrap anyone else up with the inconvenience.

Pete Christensen
Pete Christensen

I was taking my normal commute route, down Edison past the train tracks, and taking the offramp to 240. When you drive in the snow, you have to do it a bit differently than in other weather. Don't brake or accelerate on the ice if you don't need to, etc. So that's how I was driving. Like I have for every winter. Unfortunately for me, my car would not turn and I smashed face-first into the guardrail. Since I was in a single-car collision and my airbags didn't go off, I just went about my day. I filed my claim and I'm ready to eat the price increase but that's what insurance is for.

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It was my mom, however, that pointed out to me that I may fare better taking 395 instead of 240 because 395 has priority for snow-clearing as it is a federal highway. Just some food for thought. Stay safe out there.

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