Friday, October 5, the Kamiakin football game had a theme of the United States of America in the student body spirit section.

Under that red, white and blue backdrop, by the end of the night, a Make America Great Again flag had been displayed and a chant of "Build the Wall" was begun. The student with the flag tried to engage the cheerleaders to join in, they declined. An adult then encouraged the student to refrain from further inflammatory behavior. The student then folded and put away the flag.

Soon after, an Instagram social media account featuring school mascot Run Kano (it is unclear if the account is officially school affiliated or sanctioned) posted a picture of the student with the flag. That gesture did not sit well with a number of students who felt exclusion in varying degrees.

Kamiakin High School student body is just over 27% Hispanic.

Some other students felt slighted that their concerns are falling on deaf ears.

So this past Friday, 50 students walked out in protest and one in particular had made her comments known at the school board meeting earlier this week despite being "super, super scared."

It is unclear what, if any, repercussions the protesting students are expecting or specific further action to be taken by the school. A double standard is at the core for many.

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