According to Sgt. Ken Lattin of the Kennewick police department, the city has seen a spike in concealed weapons permit applications in the wake of the San Berndadino terrorist shooting that killed 14 people.

The city tracks the number of concealed weapons applications. In 2011 they processed 752, in 2012 it jumped to 942. Then in 2013 992 were processed.

In 2013, that number fell to 720 and so far this year, Kennewick has received and processed 628, or about 63 per month.

However, in the wake of the San Bernadino shooting, Lattin says on Friday December 2nd, the city received 38 permits in one day, which is a record amount.

According to Lattin:

"Traumatic events in our country can change culture and can change demands for law enforcement. In this case the example is concealed weapon permits."


He also said they anticipate increased traffic this month on concealed permits, and because of that the City is going to be expanding some services in that area:

 " In light of this recent trend, the Kennewick Police will be adding additional days for citizens to apply for a concealed weapon permits. Currently we only conduct fingerprinting for the permit process on Friday afternoons. Beginning this week, we will add a full day of fingerprinting on Thursday December 10th and Thursday December 17th in addition to our normal Friday afternoon schedule. " (Bold lettering added for emphasis).