Move over Farmville, say hello to (cough!) Pot Farm!

It's the latest offering from East Side Games. According to the company, over 100,000 people now play this new time-waster on Facebook. From the app's homepage:

"Be part of the other 'green' movement! With 1,000,000 likes and counting, Pot Farm is the number one underground farming game on Facebook"

It goes on to say:

So make sure you post Paranoid Bears, Bondage Ducks or Rainbow-Barfing Leprechauns to be on the lookout!

Wow! Apparently the game has been around for a few months, and law enforcement agencies have given it a few look-overs. The popularity of the game has mushroomed since Washington and Colorado passed statutes legalizing marijuana for adults 21 and older.

The game invites you to compete with friends to grow the best marijuana. We have not tried it yet, but if it were to resemble the marijuana growing operations uncovered by the DEA and state officials in the Pacific Northwest, it would have to be located in a secluded mountain area, be guarded by armed thugs (often illegal aliens with ties to international cartels) and be surrounded by North Vietnamese-style booby traps to stop trespassers.   Fun!

To check out the game for yourself, just go to your Facebook page and in the search bar where you'd look for someone type in Pot Farm and away you go!

Warning: Cheese puffs, Doritos, and Little Debbie Brownies are not included.

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