If you were scratching your head, or uttering phrases we can't print here, you're not alone.

Tri-Cities sets record for the latest and most snowfall ever...

According to the National Weather Service (based out of Pendleton but using data from Tri-Cities and surrounding area as they always do) we've never had measurable snow this late in the year.

The last time there was any measurable snow in April was back in1935.  It was less than half an inch.

The NWS says one location in Richland had 2.2 inches, much of Kennewick had at least an inch or more.  The Tri-Cities has never had this much this late.

  Snow follows gusty winds and sleet.

We're not the only ones who got hammered.  Prior to the snow, gusty winds were reported from the Cascades to Walla Walla. Richland got a gust of 41, the Tri-Cities Airport 46 while Ellensburg Airport clocked one at 71 MPH!

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These windy conditions helped push this cold weather front our way.  We've had reports of massive snow in the Cascades, and a lot near Colfax, Pullman, and other SE WA communities.

Temps will warm to about 50 Tuesday, and be back in the 60's by later in the week.

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