Hate running our of beer? Have $6,500 to spare? The BrewCave Walk-In Beer Cooler & Kegerator from KegWorks has shelves for over 30 cases of beer and four kegs. Suck our suds regular fridges!

KegWorks guarantees “igloo-cold” freezing with every panel (and the optional floor) having four inches of insulation sandwiched between inner and outer metal skins. The modular shelf system also means the space doubles as the world’s largest kegerator.

KegWorks bills this monstrosity as “a piece of heaven” because owners can walk into a personal beer cooler. We couldn’t agree more. Well, we could, but we’re already drunk. Although the BrewCave comes in individual panels, assembly is easy, and according to the manufacturers is “a cross between a miracle and another miracle.”

A miracle and another miracle? Only if it includes women to hang out and drink. Women in our homes would definitely be a miracle.

[Via Geekologie]