Thursday evening, Kennewick police apprehended a man and woman attempting to shoplift from Shopko on Columbia Center Boulevard.

Around 7:45 pm a store theft prevention worker noticed Jackie Sue Rolph stuffing numerous items into a large bag, and she then left the store without paying.  She then got into a waiting car and left the parking lot, but the worker had called Kennewick police.  A unit happened to be in the vicinity and pulled over a car matching the description of the getaway vehicle.

Officers found inside the car not only the items she had taken, but numerous other merchandise that had been stolen from another store.  The items were all returned to the merchants.  Roph and driver Keytar Donesouda were both taken into custody. Rolph is facing shoplifting and theft charges,  Donesuouda was also wanted on outstanding warrants and was driving with suspended license.

They're now residing in the Benton County jail.