Inspired by the 2-1 victory of Team USA over Japan in the women’s soccer final, we decided to do our own Office Olympics.

Our first event was the paper toss. Using a cardboard cutout of KORD’s Chuck Hall and Greg Delange as a backboard, the “athletes” tried to throw sticky notes into a wicker basket in 60 seconds.

Lanes 1-6 were Barry “Big Bear” Long, The Key’s Faith Martin, 97 Rock’s Gaylord Focker and The Brad plus interns Jene Iceberg and Ashley Davis. The Paper Toss event took place Aug. 9 in the Townsquare Media conference room.

Like any good sporting event, there was a ton of whining and calling each other cheaters. Sophisticated adjudication, however, determined 97 Rock’s The Brad was champion with four wads of light yellow sticky notes in the basket. Congratulations Brad! Not that he needs it, after regaining his title as “Tri-Cities Dust Devils Media Day Batting Champion” earlier this week.

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