The Brad is no stranger to Gesa Stadium, but he's rarely seen on the field. He approached home plate on Monday at the 2012 Tri-Cities Dust Devils Media Day Longball Challenge, looking to reclaim his crown from 2010.

The Brad lost by a short distance last year to the Tri-City Herald's Jack Millikin, but he made up for it this afternoon when all you suckers were at work. Check out the videos below. The "Little People" he's referring to in the second video are his nieces and nephews.

According to The Brad, "...the title of Media Day Longball Champ is staying right here at 97 Rock, foos."

Big thanks to Dust Devils Manager Freddie Ocasio for coming out to throw BP to everyone and to Derrel and the crew with the Tri-City Dust Devils for letting us get out on the field for the afternoon.

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