Travis Hunt tied with Tom Roueche with 43 points in our NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge. The total number of points scored in the final game was the tie breaker (158) and with a guess of 142 Travis Hunt is the winner! He gets a 42-inch flatscreen television courtesy of Uncle Sam's Saloon. 97 Rock's Stacy Lee kicked The Brad and Gaylord's trash with her bracket. Ironically, that's because they actually put some thought into it!

Stacy selected all the top seeds to win all the way to the end, and this year that proved the safer bet. Early on she picked well for the South and East, but guessed the Elite 8 wrong. She did wonderfully in the Midwest with only Oklahoma State and Saint Louis doing her wrong. She might have done better had Kansas State and Gonzaga gone farther in the West, but Gonzaga lost to Wichita State after all.

The Brad had a strong bracket but choosing Gonzaga, Kansas State and New Mexico (Harvard had never won before!) ruined his chances. Picking Ohio State and Indiana to be in the final didn't help either.

Surprisingly Gaylord did well in the East and South, but had Ohio State and Kansas in the final (not the least of his problems).