Around this time last year, a quick :30 second video hit the internet showing an AH-1 Cobra Helicopter crashing to the ground. Turns out this happened while shooting an episode of the South Korean version of the popular BBC program, Top Gear.

During the episode, a high-performance Corvette ZR1 is actually racing the ex-military chopper. This is a regular type of stunt on the show where a sports car is put up against unlikely opponents.

The more than $100,000 car actually defeats the Cobra to the finish line, but when the low-flying helicopter begins to circle back to the beginning, it quickly loses altitude and slams into the ground. TV crew member scatter as the rotors disintegrate and send debris in all directions, shooting out of a cloud of dust. Luckily the pilot only suffered minor injuries in the accident. The exact cause of the accident has not been detailed.

On board camera showing footage from the helicopter as it crashes
Full video as it aired on the TV Show