I don't allow the enemy into my house. Football is an emotional thing for me. If you're rooting for the other team, and football is an emotional thing for you, it's probably not a good thing to come over. The Seahawks are my thing. You don't want your favorite thing spoiled in your own house. But marriage makes you do funny things.

The backup quarterback for the St. Louis rams is Kellen Clemens. It turns out, the whole side of my wife's family from Zillah knows Clemens.

Long story short, he was friends with my wife's brother-in-law, who was a high school quarterback in Zillah.

So there we were, we're watching the Seattle Seahawks in my house on Sunday and the whole family was rooting for Clemens!!!

It was all good. Clemens played well despite the loss so they were happy. But if we'd lost, I would have had a worse attitude about it.

Another thing that was weird was I'm used to being the one who knows people.