First, if you have been unconscious for the past month, search YouTube for 'The Harlem Shake'. You could potentially waste away a few hours of your life watching mostly regular people and even some celebrities dressed up in some extremely wacky costumes gyrating, jumping, shaking, humping, hanging, rolling and flailing their bodies in whatever motions they feel like. If that's not exciting enough, with each video you watch, you will get to hear the same :30 second clip of a dance song over, and over, and over....

It was once kind of funny and quirky and I admit that I watched dozens of these videos. That has also been a few dozen days ago. It's like hearing the same joke everyday. We get it. Since literally anyone could perform their own version with just some basic equipment, the latest "dance" craze has taken over the internet.

It's time to put an end to The Harlem Shake. The Minnesota Timberwolves are going to help lead that charge.

SideNote: Want to jump on the The Harlem Shake trend? There's an app for that. Download 'The Harlem Shake' app from iTunes.