The Black Widow Mud & Sun Run is 5 miles of obstacles through dirt, sand and mud under the desert sun. Here are some of the obstacles you can expect to see. Come join us for the most challenging race in the Mid Columbia!

1. Mud Hugger -- crawl army style on on your back through 100 feet of mud with barbed wire overhead!

2. Waist High Wade -- wade through nearly four feet of muddy water around a curve.

3. Tiring Tires -- run through 100 yards of tires of differing sizes from compact cars to farm tractors provided by Tire Factory.

4. Charity Balloon Throw -- now that the runners are good and filthy, buy water balloons to throw and wash them off! All proceeds benefit local charity "Make the Dash Count" helping at-risk youth.

5. EZ Wall -- 12-foot climbing wall provided by IGT Landscaping & Excavation and Parr Lumber.

6. Maverik Mud Slide -- giant slide into a pool of water.

7. Vehicle Crawl -- on your belly or back, crawl under humvees or other vehicles provided by the U.S. Army.

8. Widows Web Wall -- giant web that must be climbed over provided by IGT Landscaping & Excavation and Parr Lumber.

9. Great Wall of China -- 9.5-foot wall to climb over without foot and hand holds provided by IGT Landscaping & Excavation and Parr Lumber.

10. Widow Wall -- 12-foot steep ramp provided by IGT Landscaping & Excavation and Parr Lumber.

11. Scorpion Tunnel -- four 20-foot-long plastic culverts with 36-inch diameter covered by dirt.

12. Poles of Pain -- a series of two-foot wide poles to jump over or under through mud. Poles are provided by Power City Electric.

13. Widow's Web of Death -- crawl under muddy nets.

14. Pyramid of Pain -- giant hay bales to climb over to finish the race. Provided by Sportsman's Warehouse.


Along the course stations to provide medical care or let runners cool off will be provided by Tri-Cities Community Health.

The mud run is also made possible by with help from C & E Trenching.