This weekend new information was released about a 2012 raid where a SWAT team broke all the windows and doors of a grandma's house to see her Internet history.

A neighbor to a 68-year-old grandmother tapped into her Internet and sent threats to police. The Evansville, Indiana, traced the threats to the woman's IP address and attacked her house with flash grenades, battering rams and rifle-toting SWAT team members.

After arresting the woman and her 18-year-old adopted daughter, police identified where the threats had really come from.

The woman is suing the Evansville police. The police chief said the procedure was standard.

Within the past few days the SWAT team's GoPro camera footage was released. This is re-igniting the debate over the incident. Police point out how professional and polite they are to the inhabitants. The residents say the footage proves police never tried to knock on the door, serve a warrant, or in other ways respect her civil rights.