Right by the pump house along the Richland dike – just up from the boat ramp – there’s a red bench with a little pipe next to it. The plaque reads, “The Bill & Captain Bench.” My uncle lives near it and thinks he knows the story. I’m interested in seeing if anyone can confirm his story.

My uncle said Bill was a long-time Richland Fire Chief. The fire house is only a little further down the dike. Captain was Bill’s dog – a bulldog. The story is Bill would walk Captain along the dike and stop at that spot and turn around and go back. So when Bill died, his friends built the bench for Bill and the fire hydrant (that’s what the pipe thing is) for Captain. They’re red in honor of the firefighters.

The paint job was getting shabby when my uncle noticed a mom and daughter sitting on the bench. He told them the story and the next morning a fresh coat of paint had been added. Was it a coincidence? Did the mom and daughter paint the bench?

Does anyone know more about this story?

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