I took the time to rent Saints Row IV for two bucks at Redbox. It was two bucks well spent. I had played Saints Row The Third, and thought I knew I what I was getting myself into. I was wrong. This could very well be the greatest video game ever. The game developers have a sense of humor.

Whether it's super-speed running through cars, killing people while crouched under a cardboard box, or throwing people through the atmosphere, this game will entertain the Buh-Jeebuz out of you.

You're the President of the United States, your Vice is KEITH DAVID. I know that went over your head. Remember Gargoyles, the Disney show? Keith David was Goliath. Sorry.

Your superpowers are actually very inventive. Nothing boring like flying or turning into a big, green monster. You can set people on fire by walking next to them. You can freeze them. You can throw them with YOUR BRAIN.

Chances are you've shown down with the city's finest in GTA or Saints Row. Imagine doing that as a super-powered human devastator. If you're feeling the heat, just run away. Literally. Super-speed is faster than driving. I can't remember the last time I drove a car in the game.

As far as storyline is concerned, Saints Row IV does a great job. Somehow, you become President of the United States, and five years later, aliens invade and destroy America. Because of your character's taste for chaos and mayhem, you've been banished into a simulated version of Steelport, where all remnants of the Saints have been erased. This is what enables you to have the infamous superpowers.

VERDICT: 4.6/5.0

Cue the mayhem, and enjoy this little walk-through from the game where you've been given the superpower "Death from Above."


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