Some alumni and city residents are upset over the removal of three concrete letters. The Principals at Richland and Hanford high schools along with Carmichael Middle School, have decided that the 30 to 40 feet tall "R", "H", and "C" letters, that have been in place for decades, are now a safety issue.

They believe that it is best to remove the letters because the letters become slippery in wet weather, and being open to the public, attract graffiti.

The white "C" on Carmichael Hill was removed last week. A worker used a concrete cutter and backhoe to take the yellow "R" apart Thursday afternoon. The purple "H" was still in place.

Students and alumni of the three school have expressed concerns on social media believing that the move takes away a long standing tradition.

Mike Niedhold, Richland High's head football coach believes that the letter defined the feel of Fran Rish Stadium for years, telling the Tri-City Herald, "I wish they'd have left them alone. Facilities show the character of your district. They're a part of tradition."

What do you think about the removal of the letters? Leave your thoughts/comments below.

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