The Mid Columbia has seen our fair share of celebrities come and go, but not many have chosen Tri-Cities as their final resting place. Here are six people whose names you'll instantly recognize found Sunset Memorial Gardens in Richland and Desert Lawn Memorial Park in Kennewick.

  • Francis (Fran) Rish (1919-2006)

A football and Baseball coach for Richland High School in 1983. Fran Rish Stadium is named after him.

  • John Dam

John Dam Plaza park on Jadwin in Richland is named after him.


  • Ray (Ranger) Mansfield (1941-1996)

Played for the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburg Steelers.

  • Neil Lampson

Founder of Lampson Cranes.

  • Howard Amon

One of the first settlers of Richland to donate land for Howard Amon Park.

  • Spencer Carmichael
Carmichael Middle School is named after him.