Seahawks fans know it all too well. Even as a Rams fan, I am starting to despise it, myself. "It", being Colin Kaepernick's stupid tattoo/muscle-kissing celebration. Nothing screams, "Insufferable tool" like Colin Kaepernick flexing his muscles to kiss his tattoos after running the ball for a score. I can forgive him for being drafted by the 49ers, I almost even feel bad for him. I, however, cannot sit peacefully while that guy makes a joke out of the most hallowed sport this side of the Western Hemisphere. Even though I am not a Seattle Seahawks fan, myself, I am giving Russell Wilson so many props, kudos, man cards, and brownie points for sticking it to Colin Kaepernick. The rival QB's were filming a commercial for the Madden NFL 25 video game, due in August. According to Russell Wilson via his Instagram account (dangerusswilson), he embarrasses the 49ers quarterback with a 25-yard touchdown pass. The best part? Wilson flexes his bicep and kisses it, to rub it in Kaepernick's face. Thank God for people like Russell Wilson. Enjoy this photo, courtesy of Russell Wilson's Instagram account.

Instagram, dangerusswilson

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