Who Was Saint Patrick Anyway?
Just like the limerick 'Whisky In A Jar'o', Some things about St. Patrick's day are unclear of it is origin.  We do know that he was British and he was kidnapped by the Irish forced to work as a slave. That is kind of a sad story considering it shaped Ireland's national…
Aug. 3 Is National Watermelon Day — Top 4 Recipes
It is going to be another hot one in Central Washington -- maybe 100 degrees. And the perfect food for a day this hot is watermelon!
So maybe it's no coincidence that Aug. 3 happens to be National Watermelon Day. Either way, I have a few watermelon recipes that'll be perfect -- no matter ho…
President Obama Gets Us All Drunk (A Drinking Game)
At Debate Drinking, the belief is that you should be competing with someone besides your own liver.
The Debate Drinking games are usually catered for Presidential debates, but who wants to wait three years to get drunk? That's why we are all drinking to the State of the Union address tomorrow!

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