Garrett Brown who plays the character 'Kick Ass's' dad in both 'Kick Ass' movies is in Tri-Cities filming a new movie and took time to stop by our premier of 'Kick Ass 2' at Fairchild Cinemas. He rolled up in style in the restored 54 Ford police car in the picture above, siren and lights blaring and all. Not only did he hang out for about 40 minutes before the movie started, but he signed autographs and took pictures with everyone there.

Also, almost the whole main cast from the movie that he is shooting now in Tri-Cities called 'Hello, My Name is Frank' stopped by. They all hung out and signed autographs then went inside and watched the movie with their fans.

When I got to meet him, I was wearing my Wilson Seahawks jersey in celebration of the big win over the Broncos the night before. He surprised me by asking about the Hawks right away when he recognized the jersey. He asked if I watched the game the night before and I told him I was actually there. He said he was jealous...and he is the movie star!

What a great guy!